Hey all, 

It has been quite some time since we posted an update, so we figured now would be a good time.   Firstly, we really appreciate all the couples that have contacted us with their interest in the film.   Seriously, this project would not be happening were it not for these people who reach out to us and share their stories.   

Secondly, at this time we are working on the bigger picture of the film.  Following a pretty big meeting here at the IHDD (the organization we work for) we have put our couples search on hold to give us time to review the footage we have gotten as well as address some other IHDD Media Center projects. 

We are after all only about three people here at the IHDD Media Center and responsible for any number of projects.  However, please do not take this to mean that we are placing this project on the back burner.  Rather, we are taking time to digest the estimated 34+ plus hours of footage we have to formulate a game plan.   

Well, happy Friday everyone! 

A news report about The Love Seat from the good people at CBS 42 in Birmingham.

Couples Search

Wow.  The last two weeks have been truly exhausting.  I am only now starting to catch up on some needed sleep after this 12 day road trip.  Firstly, Tim and I would both like to thank everyone that helped us in the search of couples, particularly a Mrs. Jessica Burt, who served as a great wrangler and helped us get in touch with a lot of the couples at the SABE Conference.  To everyone who helped us out, whether it was a more than courteous hotel personnel moving us to a quieter conference room, or contacts at independent living centers or even just strangers who helped us out in finding couples —- Thank you. 

As we take the next two weeks to reassess and firm up the direction that “The Love Seat” will take, we will be deferring any scheduling of filming to essentially clear our heads for a week.  A wise man once said, “if you don’t know where you’re going, you might just get lost.”  Actually, I don’t know, who — if anyone, said that, but the point still stands. 

This does not mean that we are not searching for couples as we still urge every couple interested in participating to either e-mail us at theloveseat@gmail.com or even phone us up at 706-583-0547.  Also, if you want to write us to share your thoughts on the project, we more than welcome you to reach out to us.  

On a side note, we have had several musicians offer some of their music for this project and we are more than interested in hearing any other tunes that our watchers may want to donate to our film.  

Once again, a very special thank you to everyone who made our road trip a great success!  

And on a side note, y’all can see my pictures from Birmingham, AL »here«.  

- Eric

Nashville Post

Howdy y’all!  

So we had a great shoot in Nashville with two amazing couples that had some very unique stories to share!  We would like to thank Brenda and Dan as well as Bethany and Tyson for two fantastic interviews in Nashville!   

Tim, being the British person that he is, seems to love Americana of all sorts so Nashville was a great city for him to visit.  He had actually been there just two weeks ago with his (beautiful) wife for their anniversary, so Tim, belated happy anniversary!   

Nashville was a pretty interesting city although I was quite confused by all the cowboy hats and boots.  I’m not opposed to cowboys as I think they’re a great American hero archetype, but cowboys in Tennessee?  I didn’t see much cattle there, but admittedly I did see a plethora of country music paraphernalia, so I will take the liberty of assuming that it is related to that…Please note that while having lived in California, Europe, the Caribbean and up and down the East cost, I haven’t really gone west of Alabama or East of Las Vegas for more than three hour stretches so there is this vast American land set out for me to discover.   I can only wait. 

All in all it was a very successful first day of shooting and we were able to pull out for a straight shot to Paducah, KY.   Along with the couples we interviewed we would like to thank the Homeward Suites by Hilton in Nashville for being accommodating as can be.   

Either way, here are some pics.  A lot of them are just shots we took in Nashville.  Enjoy! 

Click »here« for the pics.  

Good Time Keep Rolling - Gotta Escape Now

The title is actually a lyric in a song that I’m listening to right now.  Good Time by Crystal Castles (yeah, my iPod is tainted with hipster jams).  Tim, my partner in all of this is questioning these lyrics.  This is a point of  contention amongst us.  However, what is not a point of conflict for us is how exciting this road trip will be.  And how the good times will roll on indeed.  

So far we have some couple scheduled for the interview and are getting some more.  We do have a VNR (video news release) for y’all to look at.  Maybe it will end p on your local television station!  This is exciting because I am in the video news release thus making me news!  Okay, so maybe it’s also exciting because it means that we should be able to spread the word of our project via traditional news outlets.  

Take a peek below: 

The Love Seat Video News Release from IHDD Media Center on Vimeo.

Labor Day - but the search continues

So it’s Labor Day weekend and everyone is looking forward to a nice break.  But all we at The Love Seat team can think about is the big road trip we are preparing for in the second half of September.

We are beginning to fill up our interview spots in all the cities we are traveling to, and it’s getting very exciting.  But we are still looking for lots more couples…so please keep passing the good word on.  

What a wonderful job…

Hi Y’all.  I’m Eric’s British co-worker Tim, so I hope y’all appreciate my use of y’all.  And Eric now has my express permission to publish a photo…so here it is!I love The Love Seat

We are working tirelessly to get our great big Kansas City road trip into shape, and things are looking good!  For the list of cities, you can see the previous post.  We already have found a few wonderful couples to interview, and I can’t wait to meet them!  

Interviewing couples about their love stories really is a wonderful job to have.  There is such beauty in even the smallest details of any relationship.  And the more couples I interview, the more I realize how many fundamental themes run through ALL relationships.  It’s a privilege to be able to do this work, and I thank everyone who has participated so far.  

If you are reading this, and can think of anyone who might be able to help us find more couples to interview, please pass on the good word.  This really is going to be a wonderful film, and the more stories we can feature, the more impact it will have, because those fundamental themes will become all the more evident.

Updates and Up to Date

Hi there.  How are you?  Good, I hope.  So we, the Love Seat production team, have not really been great about updating this.  We understand this.  And we are changing this.  Starting today, we will update this at least once a day.  Sometimes the updates will be more substantial such as yesterday when we gave you dates and an update on our road trip.  Sometimes they will be a bit less substantial with more heart to heart information.  Maybe we want to sit on this Love Seat with YOU.  Well, I suppose that we should introduce ourselves before we sit ask you to sit on this Love Seat with us.  

I, the person writing this update right now at this very moment, am Eric Franqui.  Chances are that you have either received an e-mail or phone call from me or that you may receive such an e-mail or phone call from me.  Be excited.   Wait, wait, here’s a picture: 

See, that’s me! Outside of IHDD (the Institute on Human Development and Disability) I do my own photo work here: 


My partner on the road and production manager is Tim Dowse.  He’s British, so this 4th of July I took the liberty of reading the Declaration of Independence to him (only slightly exaggerating…).  I can’t really post a picture of Tim without his expressed consent, so I won’t.  Regardless, he’s a very talented individual with a penchant for detail in video work.   

Now that you know us, we’d like to know you!  Feel free to e-mail us any time at theloveseat@gmail.com or to even call our office at 706-583-0547!  Also, we’re still on the look out for couples!  Even if we don’t have a date posted for your city, we’d love to hear from you! 


The Love Seat 

Road Trip!

As I type this my road-warrior partner Tim is putting the final touches and arrangements into our 12 day Love Seat road trip en route to the SABE conference in Kansas City, Missouri.  In case you weren’t aware, the SABE conference is an annual gathering of self advocates and we are extremely glad that they are letting us take part to promote “The Love Seat”.  

So in this 12 day round-up we will be traveling by car and taking the Love Seat in tow and are working hard to schedule interviews in every city.  We’re thinking that we can do 3 to 4 interviews a day making the the Love Seat as diverse and multifaceted as possible.  Here’s a run-up of the cities that we are going to: 

  • 9/18 - Chattanooga, TN
  • 9/19 - Nashville, TN
  • 9/20 - Paducah, KY
  • 9/21 - St. Louis, MO
  • 9/23 - 9/25 - SABE Conference! 
  • 9/26 - Springfield, MO 
  • 9/27 - Memphis, TN
  • 9/28 - Memphis, TN
  • 9/29 - Birmingham, AL 

If you are at any of these cities and want to participate, let us know!  

Or if you have less time, check out the 90s version of The Love Seat promo clip!